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The #1 problem for online retailers is buyer conversion

turn your site visitors into buyers with buySAFE

In today’s ultra-competitive market, the ability to convert your site visitors into buyers is more essential than ever. And, in order to buy from your company, shoppers must first feel comfortable. The site visitors you need to convert fall into two categories…

Visitors who buy elsewhere and visitors who don't buy online.

buySAFE – the strongest trust solution online

buySAFE is not about the people who buy from you, it’s about the people who should buy from you but don’t. Bonding your Website with buySAFE builds buyer confidence and turns shoppers into buyers.

buySAFE will provide you with:

  • Higher Website conversion
  • Fewer shopping carts abandoned
  • More shopping carts started
  • More repeat buyers
  • An additional revenue stream

how buySAFE works

Only the best merchants qualify to display the buySAFE Seal, which certifies that you are trustworthy and reliable and makes shoppers more likely to buy from you. To convert risk-averse shoppers, buySAFE also enables your customers to purchase a buySAFE bond to guarantee their transactions, and you'll earn a revenue bonus for every bond purchased.

What does buySAFE cost?

buySAFE is FREE to download and use. There is NO RISK, NO COST, and NO OBLIGATION to continue with buySAFE. In fact, buySAFE PAYS YOU every single month when your shoppers bond their transactions with buySAFE. Simply put, there is no reason not to use buySAFE on your Website.

Get Started with buySAFE

As a Cart32 Merchant, you can start increasing your site conversion rate and revenue in minutes with buySAFE.

To get started, please follow the steps below:
(if you’ve already started setting up buySAFE, just close the window and complete the process)

buySAFE Setup process
Step 1)

Log into your store's Cart32 admin interface

Step 2)

In your Cart32 admin interface, click Add Ins

Step 3)

Choose buySAFE and follow the on-screen instructions

Close browser window & set up buySAFE!


Want to speak with a buySAFE representative?

Contact buySAFE by phone at 888.9.BONDED or by email.

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frequently asked questions

What is buySAFE?

What is a surety bond?

Who are buySAFE's surety partners?

What does buySAFE cost?

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buySAFE Requirements

You must use Cart32, be a US-based business, and at a minimum have:

• a verifiable identity and URL

• three months selling online

• average online sales of $1,000 per month